Streamlined Automotive
Merchant Services

Spend less time building reports, verifying credit
card sales and reconciling bank accounts.

Maintaining Sales Records Can Be Difficult

With many departments — and potentially multiple locations — to manage, controllers must be hands-on and vigilant to ensure all sales records are accurate.


Receipt Collection

You rely on cashiers and department heads to keep all receipts in order.

Batch Management

You have to add up each batch receipt total to verify your deposits.


Manual Totals

You need to manually keep tabs on sales over time to generate reports.

Elevate Your Security

Get PCI Level 1 payments and use our innovative technology to combat fraud and protect your dealership. We’ve met the highest credit card security standards for 13+ years.


Capture Remote Signatures

Protect your dealership from chargebacks on phone orders.


Control User Access

Grant user permissions as needed for accountability and reduced errors.


Reduce PCI Scope

Take payments with limited scope by using our cloud-based terminal.


Simplify Dealership Payments