Green Payments Launches Dealer Genie, a Long-Awaited Payment Processing Solution for Automotive Dealers

Yahoo announces our Green Payments Dealer Genie program, which provides merchants with a customizable Point of Sale (POS) and reporting system through our proprietary PCI-compliant platform – giving clients complete control of their business.

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Big or small, Green Payments Is Helping Entrepreneurs, And Small Businesses Grow, Succeed And Save

Yahoo Finance took notice of how Green Payments offers tailor-fitted solutions to help our customers save using a diverse range of Terminals, Online Gateways, Point of Sales Systems (POS), and High-Risk Merchant Accounts to service our customers nationwide.

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The Green Payments ‘Swipe-Less’ Program Helps Business Owners Eliminate Credit Card Processing Fees

See what Market Watch had to say about CEO Cliff Green and how Green Payments puts its customers first by making payment processing simple and accessible to both large and small businesses.

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Simple, Secure Solutions To Payment Processing

See how CBS News showcased Green Payments' innovative, industry-specific software and services to help small businesses while continuously seeking cost-effective payment methods.

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Green Payments Is Revolutionizing Payment Acceptance In The Automotive Industry

It didn’t take long for New York Weekly to see how Green Payments' Dealer Genie is helping over 500+ Automotive dealerships nationwide with their customizable, cloud-based PCI-compliant program – specifically created for the Automotive Industry.

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Green Payments Is Helping to Push Through the Inertia of B2B Payment Automation

American Banker took notice of how Green Payments matches consumer payment data with inventory levels to inform when businesses should re-stock and make payments to ensure that there’s always adequate supply.

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Green Payments Helps New Startups Save Money

Fintech Zoom featured how Green Payments gets to know their partner’s business and provides customized solutions to help these startups save money.

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Green Payments Revolutionizing CBD Market with Innovative Payment Solution

Medium highlights how Green Payments has adapted its Point of Sale system to provide revolutionary payment solutions for the growing CBD market.

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