Green Payments Is Revolutionizing Payment Acceptance In The Automotive Industry

When it comes to electronic payment acceptance every industry is unique. The problems a restaurant or retail store might face are vastly different from those an automotive dealer will encounter. Unfortunately for auto dealers, most payment processors in the United States have yet to distinguish between the needs of their clients across different industries.

This simple fact was all it took for Green Payments to see the gap in consumer payment acceptance and automotive dealer standards. Knowing auto dealers pride themselves on high-level customer service and a smooth buying experience, Green Payments developed their innovative dealer payment platform; Dealer Genie.

Dealer Genie is built on a proprietary payment solution specifically for the automotive industry and has directly helped over 500 dealers nationwide. This cloud based, PCI compliant platform allows corporate controllers and office managers the ability to fully customize the check out and reporting processes for each individual department in their dealership. Important information such as RO number, stock number, employee ID number and more can all be added to check out screens and included on their daily batch reports. Dealer Genie also enables customers to pay via contactless payment options such as Apple Pay and keep their payment experience paperless by signing electronically for their receipt and receiving a copy of their transaction via email.

Since 2014, Green Payments has established itself as a leader in the payment space. Their team, supported by over 100 sales and support representatives in the United States, have a strong background and experience in the automotive industry. With positions ranging from former automotive salespeople, service managers, and office managers their team is comprised of auto enthusiasts who have first hand knowledge of their client’s business.

In the words of their CEO, Cliff Green, “When working with Green Payments, auto dealers are gaining a true partner in their business. Too often, payment processors are simply providing a processing rate and the ability to accept payments from their customers. If dealers are expected to give up 2-3% of their gross credit card sales each year to payment card associations, we at Green Payments feel they should expect MUCH more.”

While the company has maintained steady growth over the last few years, they remain focused on growing their automotive payment platform into a full-stack automotive solution providing dealers with a completely integrated payment and dealer management system. Green Payments is on pace to have over 1,000 auto dealers using their platform by 2025.

In their commitment to easing the troubles auto dealers face and driving innovative change in the industry, Green Payments is pushing for a more robust relationship between dealers and fintech companies.