Credit card transactions make up the majority of the payments that businesses receive from their customers, and Green Payments is stepping in to help. Established in 2014 by Cliff Green, who also serves as the company’s CEO, Green Payments is a leading payments technology company delivering innovative software and services to customers all over the United States.

Last year, Green Payments introduced their “Swipe-less” program, which completely removes credit card processing fees for business owners and rewards their customers for paying with cash. Credit card processing companies can charge on average between 2% and 4% in processing fees, and at a time where every dollar counts, Green Payments is helping business owners take control.

Cliff Green established the company to make payment processing simple and accessible to small and large businesses and, with that, create real relationships between businesses and their payment processor. “Having an accessible payment processor was a real issue for most small business owners when the pandemic hit. Overnight businesses were forced to implement safer payment options like contactless payments or take their business completely online using e-commerce shopping carts and online order systems. With Green Payments, all of our clients are assigned a designated client representative to build a relationship with. So when an issue arises, or they need a question answered fast, they are calling their representative directly for help,” Cliff explained.

Green Payments entered the payments space with customer service at the core of its value offering, and so far, it has delivered on that promise. The company prides itself on offering the most competitive rates in the payments industry and a team of US-based client service specialists assigned to every business that signs up with Green Payments. Even though the company’s services are nationwide, it sweeps through the country with local support.

Cliff sees Green Payments growing into a leader in the payment processing space by rolling out innovative industry-specific software and services to solve industry-specific problems small businesses face. As the business world continues to evolve, Cliff Green is positioning Green Payments to play a significant role in helping businesses increase their bottom line.

Green Payment is one of the few companies that put its customers’ interests first and ensure its services aim to solve customers’ problems and keep them satisfied. Green Payments offers simplicity, security and solutions. “Our merchants spend more time investing in their business and less time worrying about payment solutions and training employees on payment processing devices. From payment processing terminals to e-commerce solutions and complete point of sale systems, Green Payments strives to offer only the best solutions backed by high-quality customer service,” Cliff said. The solutions offered by Green Payments are worth watching as businesses continue to seek cost-effective payment methods.