In this day and age, cashless transactions have become the norm. Gone are the days when cash-only payments were the only acceptable form of payment for most businesses, big or small. However, some businesses that are still trying to gain their footing in the industry don’t have the same liberties and luxuries as those that have already established themselves. Luckily, Green Payments is here to provide a sustainable solution to this particular issue that plagues businesses all over the world.

Founder and CEO Cliff Green established Green Payments in 2014 when he was still 21 years old. Almost a decade after its inception, the massively successful brand has helped over 10,000 businesses save money on their credit card processing fees, helping over 100 salespeople generate six-figure incomes working straight out of their own phones.

In 2020 alone, when the effects of the global pandemic were at an all-time high, Green Payments managed to keep people afloat, helping hundreds of individuals earn a six-figure income despite the grave economic situation. It’s an impressive feat for sure—one that’s further highlighted by Cliff Green’s dedication to help people who come from traditional industries such as real estate, mortgages, and insurance.

Green Payments helps the everyday man build their own business and generate extra income. “We give our sales partners the ability to boost their current income tenfold by helping small business owners save money, allowing them to do it from their phones,” said Cliff Green.

Small- and medium-sized businesses will greatly benefit from all the services that Green Payments provides. “We allow highly motivated salespeople to leverage their networks and work right from their phones,” added Cliff.

It’s been proven that credit cards and cashless payments help make the purchasing experience convenient for customers. However, the downside is that it comes at a high cost to the business owner, with a rate of around 2-4 percent. Through Green Payments, salespeople are able to help their friends, family, and other members of their network save money overnight through an essential service that generates a passive residual income stream.

Green Payments offers a diverse range of services such as Terminals, Online Gateways, Point of Sale Systems (POS), and High-Risk Merchant Accounts. Each service is tailor-fitted for each of their clients, allowing them to provide their high-quality services to a wide customer base.

“I started Green Payments with the idea of building a company centered around products and services that help others,” explained Cliff Green. “At Green Payments, we make it possible for business owners to accept credit cards as a form of payment from their customers and to do it at a realistic cost. In today’s world, cash-only businesses are a thing of the past,” he added.

From traditional credit cards to mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, there are so many technological developments involving alternative payment options. Cryptocurrencies are also on the rise, which means that business owners need to constantly be adopting new payment acceptance technologies to meet their customers’ needs.

Green Payments allows sales professionals to enter an industry where their commissions are uncapped, and their sales territory covers the entire United States. In the near future, Cliff Green envisions himself and his company helping 1,000+ entrepreneurs reach their goals while also helping small businesses grow and succeed. The momentum is certainly there, and with how things are going now, it’s only a matter of time before Green Payments achieves its goal.