Green Payments Helps New Startups Save Money


If you are operating a new startup business, you know that every coin matters. However, there are several expenses that you might incur, such as paying suppliers and other running costs. Therefore, to successfully run a startup, you need to identify these cost areas and manage them accordingly. Here are places where your new startup can save money.

Cut Down the Vendor Fees

If you are involved in a business that generates products to sell, you will need to source for suppliers. Therefore, conduct thorough research and settle on a supplier you find affordable. Compare what they have to offer with your needs, and assess their prices to see if your business can save money. Once you have identified a reliable and affordable supplier, establish a partnership with them. It is very important that you cut down the vendor fees to save some money. This not only means buying supplies at a cheaper price but also cutting costs from payment platforms.

You can opt to use a payment processing company like, which does not charge typical fees. The CEO of Green Payments, Cliff Green, offers this advice to new startups. “Make sure to build a relationship with the payment processor you choose. Get to know them and have them get to know you. You want to ensure they fully understand your business and classify it correctly with Visa and MasterCard. Fees vary from business to business and misclassification can cost you. In addition, check to see if you qualify for a cash discount program. A cash discount program rewards your customer base for paying with cash and can effectively remove your credit card processing fees.”

Finding the best way to deal with suppliers can help save you money. The important thing is to find a reliable supplier that can cut some costs for you. Some suppliers might grant you a line of credit after you have worked with them for a long period. Like a credit card, a line of credit allows you to pay for goods at the end of a period you have purchased them.

Go for Used Equipment

When starting your new business venture, resources such as cash can be hard to come by. Therefore, you need to find ways to acquire the equipment you need to run your business at cheaper costs. When looking for equipment, you should consider the second-hand market. Most new businesses close down due to various reasons, and you can capitalize on their setbacks and acquire their equipment.

You can also look for used equipment in auction sites where they host auctions to sell used industrial items that your business can need. In most cases, these auction sites post videos and pictures of items in the auction; you can easily tell their condition. Getting good quality second-hand equipment will go a long way in helping your startup business save money.

Use Bartering

This is a method you can use to acquire something you need. Bartering between customers and business owners can be a very useful technique. As a small business, this might not be a good method to use upfront unless you have some assets, but once established, you can swap unused equipment or services with a similar business that needs it.

Get Discounts

You can save money by choosing to buy items in bulk. When negotiating with your suppliers, determine whether they offer discounts when you make bulk buys. In most cases, suppliers will be willing to work with you and negotiate terms of purchase. You can take advantage of this and get the items at a discounted price. If a supplier is unwilling to offer discounts, you can always find another. Besides, you shouldn’t limit yourself to local suppliers. As much as using a local supplier is good for the local economy, you can get other suppliers willing to offer discounts on shipping and bulk buys. This will end up costing you less than local suppliers. You will save a good amount of money for your startup business in the long run.

Incremental Increases

It would help if you started your small, then gradually established yourself to increase goals and grow your customer base. Once your business is established and operating well, you can spend more on expenses. After reaching such heights, you can address new hires or equipment upgrades. You might also want to expand your business or look into changes like new products and services. An incremental increase is a factor that allows you to assess the effectiveness of each step before investing in the next one. Making smaller steps will also prevent huge losses if the changes don’t work out.


Sometimes, you might not find the skills you need for your business locally. If you find yourself in such a situation, you should consider outsourcing. This is the act of paying a person to complete tasks for you. This is a cheaper alternative compared to hiring a new employee. Given that you are still a small business, you can’t afford to spend more money on employees.


There are several ways for you to save money as a startup business. This article has pointed out some of the most reliable methods. Now that you know some of them, it is upon you to start saving!