Secure, reliable POS systems for service businesses

Get the POS that’s tailored to your service business, from payments and revenue reports to business management and employee scheduling. Let Clover be your partner no matter what kind of service you offer.

The point‑of‑sale system you can count on

Don’t miss another sale


Accept all types of payments

With a Clover system, you can take credit, debit, and gift cards, swipe or chip cards, and contactless NFC payments including Apple Pay®, Google Pay®, and Samsung Pay®.


Take payments anywhere

On the road, in the office, or at your client’s location, in person or over the phone—never miss another sale.

Tailored for your business

Clover is a complete, all-in-one POS system that helps you take payments, manage your business, and improve customer loyalty. Our mobile, handheld, and countertop devices are connected to the cloud and to each other, so your business can run uninterrupted 24×7 across all your locations. And, you get access to the Clover Dashboard, which includes Virtual Terminal.

An app for every part of your business

Need to run payroll? We’ve got an app for that. Want to set up invoicing, sync accounting, or manage all your appointments, right on your point of sale? No problem. Check out the Clover App Market for a treasure trove of best-in-class apps to help run your business.



Full-service payroll, fully integrated with Clover



Create invoices right in your Clover system. Syncs with Quickbooks and Xero


Commerce Sync for Quickbooks

Spend time with your customers, not your bookkeeping


Appointments Pro

Manage your calendar for staff and customers alike


Ready to build your new Clover System?