What is Dual Pricing?

Dual pricing is a merchant processing feature that allows you to offer both a cash price and a credit card price to your customers. They get to decide their preferred payment method and you retain 100% of the cash price for every product you sell.

While Dual Pricing has only been available at gas stations, this has changed. It’s now available at brick and mortar restaurants and retailers with a credible payment processor, like Green Payments.

Why offer Dual Pricing?

Conscientious consumers who still carry cash will be thrilled that you’re offering them a savings of 4 cents on the dollar to pay in cash. Plus, customers will appreciate that you’re:

  • Fully disclosing both price options.
  • Offering them an option to pay with cash and save off the regular price.
  • Rewarding them for carrying cash.

In addition, as a business owner, you’ll enjoy:

  • One flat rate without the surprises, instead of all those fees, like PCI compliance fees, batch header, transaction, and statement fees etc.
  • A way to combat the rising costs of accepting payments.
  • An easy payment process—the POS simply prints off the itemised receipt with the correct corresponding prices.

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