What is Swipe-Less?

Hate paying processing fees? Leave them behind.

Swipe-less is a payment processing program that provides merchants with the ability to eliminate credit card processing fees.

Choose 1 of 2 program options:

  • 01

    True Cash Discount

    The card associations have strict guidelines on how a cash discount program must be implemented. When offering a cash discount to your customers business owners must display all prices as the “credit and debit” price. At the time of check out if a customer chooses to pay with cash the purchase price will be discounted by 4% to reward customers for paying with cash. This program will remove 100% of your payment processing fees.

  • 02


    Surcharging passes the processing fee on to the customer for all credit card transactions. If a customer chooses to pay with a debit card there is no fee assessed on the transaction and the business owner pays the debit card fee. This program gives customers a no fee electronic payment option while still removing the largest portion of fees the business owner pays.

Why Join?


Pay $0 on credit card processing fees and only pay a small monthly program fee. In addition, one-time equipment fees may apply on compatible equipment you don’t already own. Contact us for details.

Next Day

Don’t wait long to get paid. Our standard processing terms include next day funding for all approved merchants.

hidden fees

It’s not uncommon for processors to mislead merchants. Our program is straight forward so there are never any surprises on your monthly statement.


Customers who pay with cash get rewarded with a true cash discount.

See if you Qualify

Our program is open to select businesses. Fill in your contact information and a member of our team will be in touch to coordinate your complimentary rate analysis and to see if you qualify for our program.

As part of the rate analysis, we’ll put together a side-by-side pricing comparison that shows what you’re currently paying for processing vs. how much you’ll save with Swipe-Less.